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Directory enquiries numbers

Directory enquiries numbers

118402 is the O2 Directory Enquiries service. It's £1.20 per min for O2 customers and includes:

  • Listings for local and national business and residential numbers in the UK.
  • Calls are answered quickly and queries are dealt with efficiently.
  • We can connect the call or send you a free text of the number you're looking for.
  • Calls are charged at a 1 minute minimum and then are billed per second.

Other 118 Services

You will need to check with your Directory Enquiries providers for their latest prices. Our access charge is 45p/min so the total cost of your Directory Enquiries call will be our access charge plus your Directory Enquiries provider’s service charge

Calls to 118402 are charged at 75p/min plus your network operators access charge. For O2 customers the total charge is £1.20/min

All calls have a one minute minimum charge.

These prices are effective from 18th August 2015

Additional information

Please note that O2 does not endorse or promote other 118 services and we accept no liability for services provided by third parties.

If you make lots of Directory Enquiry calls, check with your Directory Enquiries providers regularly for latest price updates as they are subject to change. (Unfortunately, as we can't notify you individually about price changes for calls to Directory numbers operated by third parties, it's the best way to stay informed.)

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