O2 Smart Vehicle

Control your business vehicles

Keep your fleet on track

O2 Smart Vehicle delivers real-time data on your business, rental or leasing fleets. It gives you instant access to a vehicle's location, how it's being driven, whether it's been in an accident, fuel levels, fault codes and more.

With full UK and European coverage, fleet owners can ensure the right vehicles are in the correct location to match customer needs. They'll also receive alerts if maintenance schedules slip, and can even calculate a vehicle's change in mileage for servicing and leasing compliance.

There are two options: O2 Smart Tracking and the entry-level O2 Track and Go. Both provide a small plug and play device, which clips easily into a vehicle's OBD-II port. You can even do that yourself, or through a specialist.

O2 Smart Vehicle also lets you:

  • Deploy the nearest driver to a job and keep your business efficient
  • Keep drivers safe, by monitoring seat belt use and driving styles
  • Identify vehicle faults, with the largest database of reverse-engineered engine codes
  • Access real-time vehicle data through a web portal or directly via your back-office systems

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