IoT connectivity

Giving machines the power to communicate

Managing connectivity. Improving productivity

Managed connectivity automates the communication process between machines. So they can communicate anytime, anywhere and provide real-time information about their status. You'll detect problems, and correct them, earlier. You'll reduce costs and increase productivity.

Our m2m connectivity service, O2 Connect, provides everything you need to connect m2m devices to your network. A selection of sims, from standard to industrial-grade, hardware solutions and advanced management platforms.

You'll get:

  • The connectivity you need for m2m lines everywhere in the world
  • Control and administrative management
  • Real-time diagnosis of your connections
  • Technical support and customer service to resolve incidents

Choose from two options:

  • O2 Connect – on O2's award-winning data network
  • O2 Smart Connect – on Telefónica and partner networks for greater coverage, in the UK and abroad

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