Our leadership team

Meet the people behind everything we do

  • Billy D'Arcy

    Billy D'Arcy

    Managing director, public sector

    Billy runs O2's public sector business in the UK. He's passionate about developing the teams that drive our customers' success.

    Digital services hold the key to helping the public sector make crucial savings – whether through policies and devices to empower staff to work more flexibly, or a mobile app to make it easier for local authorities to engage with communities. We help our public sector customers tackle some of their toughest challenges, by putting digital services at the heart of every solution.
  • Gavin Franks

    Gavin Franks

    Chief operating officer

    As COO, Gavin is responsible for building, delivering and operating both our digital platforms and service portfolio for all business customers; driving operational efficiency and customer service. Previously Gavin led the Enterprise business unit and a number of O2’s digital businesses.

    I’m passionate about creating the best possible experience for our customers. My focus is on making sure we get things right first time and ensuring we have the capacity to meet customer demand.
  • Ian Hayhoe

    Ian Hayhoe

    Head of business services

    Ian is responsible for ensuring that our Business Service teams continue to deliver the high levels of customer service that our customers expect. He has over 10 years’ communications industry knowledge and a wealth of experience with some of the UK's biggest brands.

    Our Enterprise and public sector customers need fast, effective and accurate customer service to support the challenges and opportunities they face. My commitment is to continue to develop our customer service operations to exceed their expectations.
  • Simon Stanford

    Simon Stanford

    Sales director, private sector

    Simon is responsible for helping O2’s largest customers in the private sector unlock productivity and cost savings through ICT.

    I combine my B2C and B2B insight so the enterprises we work with deliver the efficiencies and agility they need to serve their customers and grow their businesses. Through adopting a more flexible way of working, our customers are experiencing a real boost to their bottom line, in terms of cash savings and greater productivity.