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Flexible working

Flexible working

Flexible Working

The business landscape is changing. Flexible working and new technologies can help your businesses reduce cost, improve productivity and retain top talent.

O2 has transformed its business with flexible working solutions. Our staff achieve more, communicate more and have a better work/life balance. We are more prepared for change and you can be too. Whether you work for yourself or employ lots of people, you can be more productive and successful by making the most of your communications.

Flexible businesses stay in touch, in control and in front of the competition by harnessing the power of their technology and their people.

How elastic is your business?

Flexible working is not just a jargon, and is probably already happening in your business. Whether it is checking your emails on your phone, to working on the train on, your way to a meeting. It is flexible working.

Most importantly, when it's done right it gives employees the chance to control their own lives, and it gives employers better results from more engaged, longer-serving staff, while cutting all important costs at the same time.

See how you can streamline your business operations with this e-book by SMARTA together with O2.

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