Welcome to the Spring issue of O2 inspire, your quarterly bulletin on all things mobile. Here you'll find all the most recent innovations, with links to more information if we have sparked your interest.
Get going with the Xda Atmos

If you're looking for a compact, clutter-free handset, the Xda Atmos is ideal. Powered by Windows Mobile 6 and Microsoft® Direct Push Email, the full QWERTY keyboard makes short work of emails, while the 12 key pad is great for texts and calls.

With Quad band cover and Wi-Fi (WLAN), 3G, EDGE and HSDPA support, the Xda Atmos is the smartphone for those who want to do more than voice.

Find out more about the Atmos on the Xda website.
Network news
O2 trials femtocell technology

O2 is pioneering the first UK trial of the much-anticipated femtocell technology. Femtocells are small base stations installed inside office buildings. They connect to O2 via broadband, allowing O2 mobiles to be used in the building even when there's no signal.

Devices need no alteration to be able to use femtocells, and several mobiles can connect to one unit. If the trial is successful, this innovation promises to provide O2 signal to previously unserved buildings.
Working together
Keeping ScottishPower plugged in

With a network long enough to wrap around the world three times, ScottishPower face significant challenges in maintaining their network.

We supplied them 1,200 sat-nav equipped Xdas, complete with data encryption and remote wipe capability in case they are mislaid. We also boosted O2 reception at ScottishPower's sites. This has helped ScottishPower reduce response times, generate savings and improve customer satisfaction.

Find out more and watch our interactive case study.
What we're up to
Here's to a perfect ten

Last year we attained a customer service index score of 77, putting us first out of all the UK operators polled. O2 was also the only mobile provider to improve their service in 2007.

Thanks for your support, but we're going to keep improving until you rate us a perfect ten. To help us get there, feel free to send feedback. If you're invited to take part in a survey this year, please do, so we can become even better.
We'll take care of your mobile email

O2 Managed Services will soon be introduced, allowing you to leave the running of your mobile email up to us.

From setting up new devices to helping you select the right email device, we'll take care of the day-to-day issues, with regular activity reporting, licence management and service monitoring. We are accredited partners with Good™ and BlackBerry®, and our 24/7 UK-based support will be there if anything goes wrong.

Contact your account manager to find out more.
Giving you more
Take time out at The O2

Don't forget to check out what's happening at The O2. O2 customers get priority ticketing, exclusive blueroom bar entry, and competitions to win VIP passes.

Nickelback, Bryan Adams and Mary J. Blige will all be rocking The O2 this year, and Chris Rock will be making a rare London appearance in May.

All upcoming events are on blueroom, so check in often to find out what's on.
Surviving an economic downturn

Stuart Smith from the Wood Holmes Group takes a look at the credit crunch. The Wood Holmes Group is a niche strategy consultancy specialising in foresight and innovation.

The current global credit crunch might be out of our control, but how individual organisations cope with it is something we can influence.

The latest research in behavioural economics and cognitive science suggests that “experiential learning”, that is, actually living through an event, is more important than was first thought.

The UK economy has enjoyed almost 17 years of relatively stable economic growth since the last major downturn in 1991. That means a whole generation of managers have no experience of this situation. To stay ahead, find the individuals who have been through this before and tap their experience.

So, aside from doing all the things that the newspapers advise you to, perhaps it's time to consult the 40-somethings in your organisation.
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